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The Alliance to Stop Psychiatry's Influence in Religion and Education - a nonprofit organization where you will find information on safe and effective solutions for mental, emotional and behavioral concerns which have been labeled by some with such names as "OCD", "ADHD", "GAD", "Oppositional Defiant Behavioral Disorder" and "Math Learning Disorder", amongst others.
  Benzodiazepine Addiction, Withdrawal & Recovery
Information, news, archives, stories, books, symptoms, support.
Institute Institute for Health Freedom
Our mission is to present the ethical and economic case for strengthening personal health freedom. The Institute is a nonpartisan, nonprofit research center -- a Washington-based "think-tank."
Type One Type One Diabetics
No insulin has ever been created that is superior to Beef Insulin. Though many can tolerate the various synthetics. No synthetic has ever proven itself to be better than or nearly as good as beef insulin.

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Homepage » Pharmaceuticals