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Alliance Alliance for Justice
The Alliance for Justice is a national association of environmental, civil rights, mental health, women's, children's and consumer advocacy organizations.
American Civil Liberties Union American Civil Liberties Union
Defending First Amendment freedoms, equality, privacy rights and fundamental fairness requires constant vigilance and support.
  Consumer Action
Consumer Action is a non-profit, membership-based organization that was founded in 1971. Consumer Action serves consumers nationwide by advancing consumer rights, referring consumers to complaint-handling agencies, publishing educational materials, advocating for consumers in the media and before lawmakers and comparing prices on credit cards, bank accounts and long distance services.
join Join Together Online
Helping you reduce substance abuse and gun violence.
multinational Multinational Monitor
The Multinational Monitor tracks corporate activity, especially in the Third World, focusing on the export of hazardous substances, worker health and safety, labor union issues and the environment.
Public Public Citizen
We fight for openness and democratic accountability in government, for the right of consumers to seek redress in the courts; for clean, safe and sustainable energy sources; for social and economic justice in trade policies; for strong health, safety and environmental protections; and for safe, effective and affordable prescription drugs and health care.

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