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Medical / Health: Tobacco
Action Action on Smoking and Health Australia
ASH is a not for profit organisation which aims to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco use by advocating comprehensive tobacco control strategies at international, national, state and local levels.
American American Lung Association
ALA today fights lung disease in all its forms, with special emphasis on asthma, tobacco control and environmental health.
  Tobacco Aflatoxin Alert
The multiple cancers caused by aflatoxin in primary and secondary tobacco smoke have caused millions of premature deaths. Our goal is to educate the public with respect to this ongoing disaster and to encourage our elected government officials to pass legislation to reduce the harm caused by this most powerful carcinogen in our midst.
Tobacco Tobacco Control Online
The journal aims to study the nature and extent of tobacco use worldwide, the effect of tobacco use on health, the economy, the environment and society, and the activities of the tobacco industry and its allies to promote tobacco use.
Global Tobacco Control UICC Globallink
The International Tobacco Control Network.

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Homepage » Medical/Health » Tobacco