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Genetic Engineering
AG AG Biotech Infonet
Ag BioTech InfoNet covers all aspects of the application of biotechnology and genetic engineering in agricultural production and food processing and marketing. Our focus is on scientific reports and findings and technical analysis, although the page also covers emerging issues of widespread interest, developments in the policy arena, and major media coverage.
  Australian Gene Ethics Network
AGEN is a federation of groups and individuals in Australia who promote critical discussion and debate on the environmental, social and ethical impacts of genetic engineering technologies.
  Council for Responsible Genetics
CRG, founded in 1983, is a national nonprofit organization of scientists, environmentalists, public health advocates, physicians, lawyers and other concerned citizens. CRG encourages informed public debate about the social, ethical, and environmental implications of new genetic technologies, and advocates for socially responsible use of these technologies.
Genetic Genetic Engineering Network
GEN is a network of people opposed to the imposition of GM technology. All over the world, people are campaigning against genetically modified food, human and animal genetic engineering, and the bio-tech companies who are increasing their control over our lives and our environment.
Genetic Genetic Resources Action International
GRAIN is an international non-governmental organization to help promote action against one of the world's most pervasive threats to world food and livelihood security: genetic erosion.
Physicians Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology
Many billions of genetically engineered organisms have already been released over vast areas on all continents. The industry and scientific experts cooperating with them maintain that they are safe to the environment. But are they really? We want to provide you with impartial information. This is not an "Anti-Genetic Engineering (GE) site" It is an "Anti-irresponsible-application-of-GE site".

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Homepage » Genetic Engineering